Indoor Farmer is now offering grow classes every month at our waterloo location! Tickets & information available in store & online, all attendees must be able to visit our Waterloo location, as the seminars are not available for online viewing or at our Stratford location.

Overall, our seminars are designed for Canadians taking advantage of their legal four plant allowance of medical herb, but many concepts are useful for a variety of different indoor growing plants and techniques.

Tickets are $25.00ea, but every attendee will receive a $25.00 gift card. The ticket price helps us control the amount of attendees, as parking is limited.

Each seminar is around 60 minutes long, with an open period for questions at the end. We also have staff available to process sales at the end of the seminar if customers wish to pick up a few items or use their gift card that evening.

Please see the menu options below for more information on the specific date and time of our upcoming seminars. As we are able, we will also update our previous seminars with a video summarizing the main concepts for those who want to learn more, but are not able to attend.

Grow School