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Azomite is a natural product mined from an ancient mineral deposit in Utah (USA) that typically contains a broad spectrum of over 70 minerals and trace elements, distinct from any mineral deposit in the world.

Azomite is used internationally as a feed additive and a soil re-mineralizer for plants, and is available in over thirty countries throughout the world.

Azomite Slow Release used in gardens as a re-mineralizer for soils and an anti-caking agent in animal feeds.

Application Rates: 
Add 1 Tbsp per gallon container. 
Spread 1 to 2 lbs per 10 square feet and spade into garden soil. 
Add to compost or fertilizers and spread up to 500 lbs per acre and lightly disc or apply in row where planting.

All Natural Non-Animal Product. OMRI LISTED.