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Canna-Fem Reversal Spray enables growers to create feminized seeds. Growers are able to keep the strains they love without having to keep mother plants or they can produce their own genetics. Using our Reversal Spray does not cause more hermaphroditism within the plant. Canna-Fem Reversal Spray allows the plant to produce more Gibberellin hormone while temporarily stopping the production of Ethylene. Reversing the plant from female to male is only temporary and does not alter the DNA of the plant in anyway.

Application Steps:

1. Choose a female plant that is in vegetative cycle.

2. Start spraying the plant or branch 4 days before flowering, once a day.

3. Continue to spray the selected plant or branch once a day until male organs appear to be ripe

4. Once the male organs start to open, collect the pollen. You can now manually pollinate each branch or let it naturally pollinate the whole room.

5. Harvest the seeds once they are ripe. Clean the room thoroughly as pollen can remain within the room for months.

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