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CT Lite are a budget friendly manufacturer with a reputation for reliability and quality. Their COB lights provide excellent full cycle growth, for both bloom and veg. You can expect healthy plants and quality buds. Each model of COB light features two power switches. One switch allows you to turn on the blue LEDs and cool-white COBs for veg growth. The other switch allows you to turn on just the red-dominant LEDs and COBs. And of course you can have both switches on, which uses all the 120W of light, during bloom.


  • UL & cUL certifications with Agriculture & LED Horticulture Luminaires LED Grow Light standard    
  • Two power switches, one switch turn on for Vegetation stage, two switches both turn on for Bloom stage.
  • Modular design, uniformity of luminance over area. Unique wind outlet design keeps light cool during operation   
  • High PPFD and High Effiency for a variety of growing environments
  • IP65 UL waterproof led driver & UL silence fan (passive cooling)  
  • Customized COB specially designed for plants growing with SMD 3535 LEDs
  • Large lighting area, uniform coverage     
  • One year warranty  
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