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Plug and play!  Destiny is proud to introduce our Home Grow Kit with everything needed to produce absolute top quality flowers with ease. The Home Grow Kit makes the highly refined Destiny Grow System, used by award-winning growers from coast-to-coast, available for personal production. All in a convenient package, and at a great price point!

We developed the Grow Kit originally as a test kit to send out to prospective customers. When we had major garden centers as well as grow stores requesting a 4 plant kit to meet the demand for home cultivation, we designed the Destiny Grow Kit with everything conveniently packed in a cool, reusable wood box. It has been an immediate sensation at trade shows, with orders flooding in. We shipped the first kit direct to a customer in early November 2017.

The Destiny Home Grow Kit is simple to use:

1 – fill 3 gallon pots with Dark Matter pre-fertilized super soil

2 – plant seeds or herbs directly in soil

3 – add Amplify water conditioner weekly

4 – apply G-Force folier spray weekly during first 3 weeks of flowering

5 – add Ignition A microbial tea blend to water during weeks 2, 4 and 5 of flowering stage

6 – apply Launch flower-boosting top dress in weeks 1 and 3


• Decades of refinement = a proven formula for connoisseur-quality
• Increased yields = increased revenue
• Enhanced terpene production = better smell and taste
• NO synthetic chemicals = healthier end product + sustainable agriculture

Home Grow Kit Includes:

  1. DARK MATTER™PRE-FERTILIZED SUPER SOIL - Plant clone or germinated seedling in Dark Matter organic super soil.
  2. G-FORCE™FOLIAR SPRAY -Apply G Force starting in Week 1 once a week through vegetative cycle [until second week of flowering stage]
  3. AMPLIFY™Water Conditioner - Apply Amplify once per week until 2 weeks before finish
  4. LAUNCH™Top Dress - Apply Launch as a top dressing per application rates in Weeks 1 and 3
  5. IGNITION A & B™Healthy Microbial Tea Blends - Add to soil per instructions in Weeks 2, 4 and 5