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Destiny's Ignition B™ provides valuable micronutrients, macro nutrients and carbohydrates which may benefit the microbiology of the soil and further boost overall soil health and plant vitality. In combination with Destiny's Ignition A / Veg™ and Ignition A / Bloom™, Ignition B™ increases plant resistance to pests and disease, and optimizes and accelerates growth.

Certified Organic Blackstrap Molasses

Steep 1-part Ignition B™ per 800 parts (250ml per 200L; 1 cup per 55 gallons) of water in your reservoir. To be used with Destiny's Ignition A / Veg™ or Ignition A / Bloom™. Aerate tea throughout the brewing time. Brew for 36-48 hours and apply in place of regular watering.

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