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WAVE is a nutrient dense, low sodium, full spectrum ionic sea mineral solution derived from ocean water. Ionic minerals are elements that are totally dissolved. It is only in this ionized state that nutrients can be absorbed by plants. There is a very simple reason why WAVE sea minerals are efficient: minerals and trace elements are required for the formation of plant compounds such as enzymes, vitamins, proteins, oils and sugars. They are crucial ingredients in a healthy active soil, nourishing the plant and aiding in photosynthesis. Also, they help plants protect themselves against fungal infection and pathogens. One teaspoon (5ml) of sea minerals will deliver an amazing 1500 mg of minerals with only about 90 mg of sodium. Thanks to their very fine particle size, WAVE ionic sea minerals are optimally absorbed in soil, foliar or hydroponic applications.

Big Blue WAVE sea minerals are derived from ocean water collected in remote areas, far from urban and industrial pollution. All water on earth eventually finds its way to the ocean. Throughout this journey water is enriched with various minerals that, when brought together in the ocean, give sea water a full spectrum of ionic trace nutrients. In fact, ocean water is recognized as the best source of trace elements found on the planet. There are a number of ways to convert seawater into a plant-friendly mineral concentrate. For Big Blue WAVE, the process used is nonmechanical: ocean water undergoes a number of unique solar evaporative processes reducing it to 1/100th of its initial volume. 100 litres of ocean water yields only about 1 litre of Big Blue WAVE sea minerals.


Ocean water concentrated to 1/100th of its initial volume. Over 90 minerals and trace elements.

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