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Patented technology keeps the product fresh and preserves the potency, color, shape and nutrition of any organic material. Freeze drying retains 97% of the nutritional value with a 25-year shelf life. The freeze dryer has built-in intelligence. It automatically and perfectly manages the freeze drying process. 6.5 sq ft of tray space. Shelf unit has shelves for 7 trays and 4 L of ice capacity. 110 V outlet.

Maintenance: simply filter and replace oil. Comes standard with 7.2 CFM vacuum pump and 1 quart of vacuum pump oil.

The pharmaceutical models are primarily for freeze drying hash products. These are the most popular freeze dryers in the medical herb industry. They operate at lower temperatures and have programming that is more gentle on the products then other models. They are not reccommended for freeze drying food like fruits and vegetables.

The medium freeze dryer has a total weight of 221 lbs, Package: 26″W x 36″D x 45″H. Does not qualify for free shipping, please contact us for a shipping quote.

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