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RAW Cane Molasses is a highly concentrated, water Soluble micronized molasses that gives all the benefits of Liquid Molasses without all the mess. The smallest 2oz package of RAW Cane Molasses is equivalent to 1 gallon of liquid molasses which makes it easier to transport. Cane Molasses is an excellent source of carbon energy (food) for beneficial microbes. RAW Cane Molasses is a beneficial supplement to all feeding schedules. 

During late flower, the plant hoards carbohydrates and stops releasing them into the root zone as exudates to feed the microbes. Feeding sugars/carbohydrates during the end of flower keeps the microbes active and the plant remains photosynthetically active all the way to the day of harvest. 

Microbes eat molasses and divide, creating a molecule called siderophore that chelates iron. 

Microbes create VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) that communicate with the plant and naturally increase terpenes.

Works in conjunction with all nutrient and feeding programs.

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