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Zen Zingers™ let you customize your edibles experience. You decide the strength of the edible and what cannabinoids it contains.

Here’s the rundown. You buy a kit and then you buy flavorless medical herb distillate from a legal source. Make sure it is in an oral syringe. This looks daunting, but there’s no sharp point on it, it is an exact way of serving one ml of oil. And the graduated container lets you measure the amount going into your recipe – pretty innocent and also necessary. To use tincture or isolate please see our FAQ.

The kit contains everything you need to make 15 perfect little gummies.
– A BPA-free mold and dropper
– Your gummy mix
– A packet of finishing sugar
– Instructions leaflet

Once you get it home, all you need is a 3qt saucepan, some water and a stove. You will be ten minutes in the kitchen – promise. Then let it set. Once you’ve rolled them in the sugar, pop them in the fridge or freezer and you’re stocked for a while. You’ll find the convenience of having a supply on hand dreamy, the price per candy much lower than buying pre-mades, and peace of mind from knowing they were made safely.

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