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Why Grow Tents?

A grow tent allows us to grow year round in a controlled environment. It contains our grow to a convenient, clean space that's energy efficient, helps keep pests out and and easy to setup and take down if needed. Grow tents also have reflective walls to concentrate your light on the plants for efficiency. Lastly, the grow tent allows us to control airflow and temperature. We can use carbon filters to control odour if we want to keep our grow space discreet and private from our friends and neighbour's.

Essential Grow Tent Supplies

Every grow tent setup should have the following items to get started:
  1. Grow Tent - Sized for your space and growing requirements
  2. Grow Light - Sized for your tent and plant type, with a timer to manage on/off time
  3. Ventilation - Exhaust fans & ducting for fresh air and temperature control
  4. Carbon Filter - Required if you want to manage odour. Sized to fit exhaust fan
  5. Thermometer / Hygrometer - With MIN/MAX option, required to monitor climate
  6. Circulation Fans - Prevent areas of stale air, and simulate wind for proper plant development

Monitoring Your Environment

The Most Important Factor for Successful Indoor Growing! Dependant on plant type, for most houseplants and Cannabis growers we recommend the following:
  • OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE: 22-24C / 72-80F
  • OPTIMAL HUMIDITY: 50% - 60% FOR VEG, 40 - 50% FOR FLOWER
Check MIN/MAX setting on your Thermometer/Hygrometer to maintain stable climate.

Controlling Your Climate

Temperature Control - Fan Speed Controllers, combined with your tent vents allow us to exhaust hot air created by your grow light out of the tent. This can be vented into the same room, and adjacent room or outdoors depending on your setup and the amount of heat.

Humidity Control - Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers allow us to control the humidity of the grow tent. Plants release a lot of water into the air, so typically dehumidifiers are needed to keep humidity from reaching points where mold can grow. Smaller growers may find they need to use a humidifier in the winter when relative humidity is very low so your plants can grow properly.

Choose your growing medium

Soil and Living Soil - Ideal for new growers, organic growers or grower's who want to simplify the growing process. A high quality soil will do most of the work to producing a quality result in a living soil grow.

Coco Coir / Peat Moss - Ideal for grower's who want complete control of their plants nutrition, to maximise growth and yield. Coco Coir and Peat Moss like Pro-Mix contain little to no nutrients, allowing grower's to fine tune their growing. Similar to water culture but we find it's more user friendly and requires less maintenance then pure hydro. 

Water Culture - For the scientists among us, growing in pure water leads to incredibly fast growth, and excellent yields. Managing water temperature, exact nutrition, and bacteria control requires careful monitoring and equipment.

Proper Plant Care

Cleanliness - Good Habits make good grower's. Keeping your tent clean by picking off dead leaves, removing run off, and sterilizing your tent between crops goes a long way to growing success and healthy plants. Many bugs and diseases need stale water or rotten plant material to thrive!

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) - Spraying your plants on a weekly basis as a preventative measure ensures pests are much less likely to reproduce. We recommend using multiple products and switching back and forth to keep pests from adapting.

Common Issues - Watering issues are the most common problems we see for indoor grower's. Different grow mediums like soil and coco coir require different watering methods. For instance, soil likes to be watered often, to keep the soil nice and moist to sustain the microbial life that is breaking down the minerals in the soil into food for your plants. Overwatering is extremely common, so finding the balance is key for new grower's.

This is short guide intended for beginners - if you have any questions or feedback feel free to contact us through our website, phone or drop in with your questions to one of our stores!
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