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Irrigation Systems – Save time and money by automating your watering! Setting up a reliable irrigation system has numerous benefits:

  • SAVES TIME - Depending on the size of your garden, hand watering your plants can take up hours of your time every week.
  • MINIMIZE OVER OR UNDER WATERING – The most common problem for new grower’s is know how much to water and when. Automated systems can be fine-tuned to the specific needs of your plants, reducing stress so you can maximise your grow! 
  • SAVE MONEY - Irrigation systems can reduce the cost of water by limiting overwatering and the cost of labor for hand watering larger gardens.
  • AVOID DROUGHT - Sometimes life can interrupt our regular garden schedules, and sometimes we can have very hot days in peak summer months where an automated irrigation system could mean the difference between success and failure.
  • INCREASED GROWTH - Studies have proven that automated irrigation systems can actually increase the growth of plants as plants will grow at their most efficient rates when the moisture of the medium and schedule is consistent.


Indoor Farmer offers a variety of irrigation solutions. The choice of irrigation system depends on a few different variables like which crops you wish to irrigate, the type of grow medium your plants are in, the frequency in watering events and the amount of investment and maintenance you are comfortable with. 

Check our our most popular automation systems:

BLUMAT - Tropf-Blumat is a fully automated irrigation system designed to only irrigate as the soil needs, making it very efficient on water while not using any electricity. The Blumat sensors are made of porous clay that can sense soil pressure and moisture, slowly adding water to the soil as it is absorbed by the plant and evaporation. Especially great for organic super soils where the plants thrive at a consistent moisture content which the Blumat sensors help maintain. The Blumat system is designed to irrigate unfertilized water to plants in super soil that are pre amended or being top dressed for fertilization. The Blumat system works on a gravity fed system removing the reliance on pumps, timers and electricity to run. These systems come in any size from single plant solutions, to larger scale solutions especially handy for the patio & balcony gardens but also utilized in small to large sized garden beds.

FLORAFLEX - Floraflex is a growing brand in the hydroponic industry with a wide range of products designed for commercial irrigation solutions and smaller hobby growers alike. They have many tools and equipment to set up larger scale irrigation systems. They are marketed towards cannabis cultivators but their systems can work for other commercial crops. The Floraflex systems are best utilized for Growers looking to run “drain to waste irrigation” in soilless mediums like coco coir and rockwool. Designed to Irrigate multiple times a day to push maximum production and crop yield. Larger Floraflex systems can require a bit more knowledge and third party parts and equipment like irrigation controllers, PVC, nylon valves, high pressured pumps and more. The Floraflex website features a “Room Builder app” that can generate a layout a design for a larger scale irrigation system based on the specs provided by the Grower.

AUTOPOT - Autopot systems are a complete automated watering system that is designed to waste no water and require no electricity. The Autopot Systems works by gravity fed lines that deliver water to each pots tray. Each tray features a patented “aquavalve” in the bottom that only allows water to enter as the medium dries out. Each plant wicks up the water through bottom feeding leaving no run off or waste of water to deal with. The Autopot systems come in any size from single plant to 12+ site systems. The Autopot system is perfect for Home Hobby growers looking to have the convenience to leave their garden for an extended period of time and have their plants are watered while unattended, regardless of a power outage. Unlike the Blumat system, the Autopot System is designed to have water soluble nutrients pre mixed in the reservoir to be fed to the plants. We do recommend using highly soluble, hydroponic nutrients to maintain a clean reservoir and avoid and clogs in the irrigation lines. 

CUSTOM IRRIGATION SOLUTIONS - Indoor Farmer offers a wide variety of irrigation parts for those looking to build their own custom system. We carry everything from different sized tubing, irrigation fittings, ball valves, drip stakes, drip lines, rain rings, cycle timers, pumps and more to build a custom system that caters to your specific irrigation needs.


At Indoor Farmer, we have helped many customers find the best irrigation solution based on their specific needs. Please feel free to contact us by email or phone, or visit us in store to learn more about which irrigation solution may be best for you. We have multiple systems on display in our stores and our staff have a wide variety of personal experience with these systems.

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