Outdoor Growing Nutrient Recommendations - Indoor Farmer

Here's a few of our staff top picks for nutrients when it comes to growing outdoors, although most make fantastic indoor growing nutrients as well!


1. Gaia Green All Purpose and Power Bloom
Gaia Green buckets are the summer's best seller, and an amazing value, especially in 10KG bags. This grower favorite is a slow release top dress you only need to apply every 2-3 weeks or can be pre-mixed with potting soil for growing in pots.


2. Black Swallow Organic All Purpose and Bloom Mix
Similar to Gaia Green in nutrition, but with some additional features grower's will appreciate. Blackswallow all purpose mix is tested extensively for heavy metals, so your soil is safe! This product is prilled (granulated), turning the fine powder into a small ball. This makes it much easier to handle as its not dusty, yet dissolves easily when wet. Blackswallow all purpose also includes biochar, for the long term development and maintenance of healthy bacteria in your soil.


3. Good Green Earth Bokashi Pro Gro
This soil amendment made from fermented Bokashi compost provides essential nutrients while it creates a healthy micro ecology within your soil critical for healthy plants and the proper breakdown and uptake of nutrients. A great addition to any soil mix.


4. Green Planet Back Country
Green Planet has designed a slow release (apply every 3 weeks), easy to use fertilizer specifically for outdoor medical growers. Highly concentrated and less prone to being carried away on windy days, a little goes a long way with this top dress fertilizer!


5. Green Planet Medi One
Green Planet Medi One is an annual outdoor favorite, this organic liquid nutrient promotes the micro ecology of your soil while also supporting your plants with essential nutrients. This popular all-in-one bottled nutrient is a great partner to good quality soil, indoors or outdoors.

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