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All of us hydroponics growers crave bigger, tastier, organic yields. I'm glad we've got Nirvana. It's 100% guaranteed to provide fast-acting, bloom-swelling organic stimulants that stoke your garden for quicker, better production. Nirvana is a concentrated liquid organic that you can apply to leaves or roots. It contains powerful natural bloom enhancers including vitamins, amino acids, humic acid, carbohydrates, minerals, growth enhancers, guano, seaweeds and other exclusive crop-boosting organic materials. Nirvana's rare extracts are made by the only expert in the world who knows how to get super-special, plant-stimulating ingredients from kelp and transfer them into your hydroponics garden. These kelp extracts rev up your plants so they grow better and yield way more, especially under high intensity lighting. Nirvana combines special organics in an easy to use formula that flows smooth. Other poorly-designed fertilizers turn the nutrients mixture into a sludgy, smelly mess. Bugs and harmful bacteria love that stuff. You won't get those problems using Nirvana. You can use it as a foliar spray that goes on fast and is absorbed immediately. It can also be used in the root zone. It gives you concentrated organics without mess and without ugly odor. If you're running hydroponics, Aeroponics, NFT, or other hydroponics systems, Nirvana brings a good organic taste to your crops. If you're into 100% organic gardening, Nirvana is an important part of your feed program. Nirvana combines high-end organic nitrogen with other organic stimulants. It's guaranteed to help plants grow faster and produce more, better and bigger flowers.

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