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Fulvic acid is one of the most important tools that should be in everyone's plant health tool kit. When used as a drench, or better yet with your foliar routine, it is essentially an 'amplifier' which increases the efficiency and impact of the other nutrient components that are delivered along with it.

Ful-Power is made through a biodigestion, or fermentation process where microbes convert insoluble humic substances into the soluble, low-molecular weight fraction [LMW], or the fluvic fraction. The high-molecular weight fraction [HMW] is left behind in this process as a humic fraction. This HMW humic material is too large to be absorbed by the plant, and is used instead as a soil conditioner.

The LMW fluvic fraction however is small enough to penetrate the leaf, cell and even the mitochondria within the cell, so it is called a 'bio available' fraction. The fact that it readily will pass through the plant cell wall helps it to grab onto plant nutrients and pull them along through the cell wall as well- delivering these nutrients directly into the cell structure where they are required. This improvement in uptake alone means that you should consider reducing your nutrient application by 10-25%.

Because of this low molecular weight, fluvic acid is an excellent addition to all foliar feeding routines, as it helps the other components penetrate into the cells, amplifying their effect and improving their efficiency.

Dilution rates go a long way- use at 1:100- 1:200 depending on application methods.

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