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This is the raw biochar- a shiny, smaller particle, charcoal-like product that has not been introduced to any processes necessary to build the nutrient and microbial benefits that are found in the charged product. You can think of this as the 'structure' that houses the microbes.

Biochar is formed at different temperatures and in a different manner than regular charcoal. When formed at temperatures upwards of 600 C, the maximum amount of pores are maintained in the structure of the biochar. It is these pores that tremendously increase the surface area of the biochar, and increase the amount of water that the biochar can absorb and hold onto.

This in turn significantly increases the number of micro organisms that can then populate these moisture laden stable carbon environments. Biochar becomes an excellent, stable landscape in which the soil biology can thrive.

The raw materials that go into the biochar that we purchase are from a dedicated biochar production facility that uses clean hardwoods from a large forestry operation in Quebec. The particle size for this biochar are smaller, as this greatly increases the surface area per cubic foot of material, creating significantly better results than larger pcs would.

Due to its enormous surface area, biochar has a very high storage capacity for water and nutrients, and it can also bind to (adsorb) contaminants of all sorts.

This product is great for adding to your compost piles so that it becomes charged in the process of your compost breaking down.