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Basis set (Balcony Set) for 3 planter boxes of 1 m each for a balcony, also suitable for watering other planters or single plants in a flowerbed.
Water supplied from an elevated reservoir tank. (An additional pressure reducer is required for connection to a faucet.)

Other Applications:

  • 3 m in total of planter boxes (box length 100 cm or 80 cm)
  • 1.2 m² planted bed (ca. 24 middle size plants)
  • 12 single pots up to ca. 20 cm in size
    (when  using more than one Blumat per pot, reduce number of pots accordingly)
  • 12 single plants in a greenhouse such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers

Kit Contains:

  • 12 Tropf-Blumat with 20 cm drip tubing + T-connector piece
  • 7 m water supply tubing black 8 mm
  • 1 angle piece 8-8 mm
  • 1 end piece 8-3 mm
  • 1 branch connector for tubing 8-8-8 mm
  • 1 T-connector 8-3-8 mm
  • 1 tubing connector 8-8 mm
  • 1 elevated tank connector 8-(12) mm

Deciding how many Tropf-Blumat are necessary

  • For watering planter boxes, use the rule of thumb: 4 drip locations (Tropf-Blumat) per 100 cm box length (box width- 20 cm), 3 drippers for 80 cm. For wider troughs (such as 100x40 cm), usually 6-7 Tropf-Blumat are enough, depending on the size of the plants – also see bed plantings.
  • For watering in pots, every plant / every pot should have 1 Tropf-Blumat. According to the pot size, 1 Tropf-Blumat is enough for pots up to ca. 20 cm in diameter, for pots up to 40 cm use 2 Tropf-Blumat, up to 50 cm 3 Tropf-Blumat.
  • The size of the plant is also an important factor and sometimes the needs of a particular plant species plays a role when deciding on the number of Tropf-Blumat needed. Large Containers such as planting tubs, for example, should often have fewer drippers in order to avoid overwatering.
  • For bed plantings, 2 plants (the size of typical summer flowers such as geraniums)  require 1 Tropf-Blumat (plant spacing ca. 20-22 cm), when planted closer together (about 15 cm), 1 Tropf-Blumat is enough for a group of 3 plants.

Connection to an elevated reservoir tank (Gravity Feed)

The connection onto the elevated tank (spigot with hose) should be mounted towards the bottom of the tank, about 5 cm above the tank floor (12 mm bore hole).
The elevation of the tank should be at least 70 cm above the watering level (top of pot) to the bottom of the tank, in order to produce the necessary minimum pressure. Overly low pressure can result in clogging of the tubing.
The tank can be purchased at a local hardware store to meet individual needs. It should be impenetrable to light and should be cleaned occasionally.

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