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Our bronze level combination package is a great starting point for the amateur grower. All of our combination packages are tested and refined in our in store displays, feel free to drop bye if you are in the area to learn more. All the products in our packages are reliable, trusted brands in the industry. If you are looking to build your own combination package, or for help building a customizing an existing package, please contact us at for assistance. We have redesigned our tent packages to be all LED grow light based on customer requests, and worked even harder to bring price down as far as possible!

This kit contains the following products, all with a 10% discount:

  • Mammoth Pro Grow Tent 3'x3'x5'9"
  • CT Lite COB LED Grow Light C-4 120W
  • Vortex VMF Series Ultra-Quiet 4" Inline Fan
  • Light Proof Ducting w/Clamps 4"
  • Fan Speed Controller for Inline Fan
  • Secret Jardin Monkey Fan 20W
  • Thermometer/Hygrometer with MIN/MAX and large display
  • Dual-Outlet Analog Grounded Timer
  • Hanging Rope Ratchets

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