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“How do I obtain and keep a constant humidity level?”

After working hard to cultivate your plants for two months, you start to notice your plants turning brown, like they’re dying.

But why? You did everything right, kept your lights on at the right times, and watered appropriately. Unfortunately, the humidity in your room was way too high, and now you’ve got nasty rot that could ruin your crop.

You need to manage the humidity in your grow room. Whether your room is too humid or not humid enough, you need fans, foggers, dehumidifiers, and then something to turn them on/off at the right times: a humidity controller!

You need a controller that:

  • turns on and off at the right times to accurately manage humidity in your room
  • has a digital display for simple, easy control and calibration.
  • doesn’t wear out – even in rough, humid, or dusty environments
  • is affordable

The Digital Plug-In Humidity Controller is a simple, single plug controller that can measure humidity and then turn on/off your foggers and fans to maintain a steady humidity in your grow room.

Simply plug it into your wall, and then plug your accessory into the single plug for automatic on/off management of that tool.

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