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For grower's who want to take their Flora Series nutrients to the next level, General Hydroponics reccommends the Professional Performance Pack. The three plant enhancers are designed to maximise plant health and yield for medical herb enthusiasts. For best results follow General Hydroponics professional nutrient feedcharts. The Performance pack contains the following:


Floralicious® Plus is a plant food. It is everything that is Floralicious® except it has been formulated to be applied in both the vegetative and regenerative or the flowering stages of growth. Floralicious plus is a plant vitality supplement that includes a variety of diverse plant based inputs that are not provided in a traditional hydroponic base nutrient system.


CALiMAGic™ 1-0-0, a concentrated blend of readily available calcium and magnesium, assists fast growing plants by preventing secondary nutrient deficiencies. Use as part of your regular feeding program to help prevent blossom end rot and tip burn in tomatoes, lettuce, and other calcium intensive plants. CALiMAGic™ 1-0-0 is a soluble that will not clog spray lines or drip emitters and can be used in reservoirs. It can even be combined with many other other fertilizers.

Liquid Koolbloom - BULKING FORMULA

The concentrated formula of General Hydroponics® Liquid KoolBloom® 0-10-10 is ideal for use in hydroponics, soil, and coco coir growing. Use to enhance the production of essential oils and fragrance in a many flowers, culinary and medicinal herbs. During the last two weeks of the cycle, use KoolBloom to promote bulking and to facilitate ripening. Small amounts of General Hydroponics® Liquid KoolBloom® 0-10-10 deliver big phosphorus and potassium benefits to your plants.

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