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If your time is limited and you wish to simply hand water twice a week or if you have never used a GRO-SLAB™ and want to experiment with a small one first, then the UNI-SLAB™ is for you. The UNI-SLAB offers a low-maintenance, simple way for growers to have fresh herbs, healthy greens or one larger plant in a small area. By keeping the wrapping on the rockwool, nutrients and moisture last longer by slowing the evaporation process. The best part of the UNI-SLAB is that it is self contained. So if growing one large plant and disease occurs, the roots won't spread the disease to other plants.


  • The UNI-SLAB is completely wrapped thus keeping all the roots of your plant safely contained
  • Combines all the benefits of our traditional slabs with the versatility of a block
  • Wrap protects from light and outside contaminants
  • The UNI-SLAB is suitable for both top drip and flood systems
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