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Kelp has many uses:

  1. Seed Soak - Faster germination with better germination rates (from giberellic acid)
  2. Root Stimulant  - Increased lateral root growth (Auxins) , increased root mass (Cytokinins)
  3. Foliar Spray - Promotes lateral bud development for more branching - helps keep stretchy plants short

Cytokinins pull nutrients into the developing tissue - Pulls in sugars, amino acids, minerals in the water - so it has a downstream affect on quality and yeild , even after you stop using it as a foliar spray.

RAW Kelp is 99% Kelp extract from seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum). This product is water Soluble and contains only 1% soluble potash which is a direct reflection of its purity. Kelp extracts are also very rich in natural plant growth hormones. RAW Kelp is a beneficial supplement to all feeding schedules. It is also ideal for adding to foliar sprays and for creating optimal recipe solutions. 

To improve effectiveness of kelp, combine with humic acid. 5 parts humic acid with 2 parts kelp works 50% better than either product alone - they are synergistic and have an amplifying affect on eachother (Virginia Tech 10 year biostimulant Study)

Works in conjunction with all nutrient and feeding programs.

NPK Kelp Youtube Video

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