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Safer’s BTK™ Biological Insecticide is highly specific to some kinds of caterpillars. Treat caterpillars when they first appear and are actively feeding for best results. Safer’s BTK™ Biological Insecticide is most effective when caterpillars are small and young. This product is not effective on adult moths. Safer’s BTK™ Biological Insecticide is a stomach poison and therefore must be ingested by the caterpillar to be effective. After ingestion of a sufficient product dose, feeding stops immediately and death will follow in 2-5 days. Add some water to the sprayer and then add the correct amount of Safer’s BTK™ Biological Insecticide.

Continue filling the sprayer with water until the correct amount of spray solution is produced. Shake sprayer periodically during use to ensure product is properly mixed. Use within 12 hours of mixing. May be applied through any standard back-pack or hand-held sprayer. DO NOT allow spray mixture to stand in the tank for more than 18 hours. DO NOT contaminate irrigation or drinking water supplies or aquatic habitats by cleaning or equipment or disposal of wastes. As this pesticide is not registered for the control of pests in aquatic systems, DO NOT use to control aquatic pests.

  • Kills all types of caterpillars and worms (Bacillus thuringiensis var Kurstaki).
  • Makes over 30 litres of spray.
  • After ingesting the treated portion of the leaf caterpillars stop feeding within a few hours, death occurs in a few days.
  • Use in late afternoon or on cloudy days since B.t. breaks down in the sunlight.

APPLICATION RATE: Add 30 mL of concentrate to 10 litres of water. 10 L of spray solution will cover approximately 100 square metres. Spray all leaf surfaces thoroughly to provide good coverage without runoff. Repeat if required 7-10 days later.

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