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ZIP ZAG Leak-proof Resealable Bags Formerly know as- BC Bags: Zip-Zag Bags have taken the term "resealable" to a whole new level. Zip Zag has been working on preventing leakage at a molecular level and have achieved some amazing results. The basic rule of packaging sensitive goods is that if an aroma is escaping , something is seriously wrong . When you're losing aroma you're losing flavor and that isn't all that's going wrong. Oxygen is getting in and oxidizing sensitive oils causing a rancid taste.

As an example of just how much better their bags seal, the oxygen transfer rate is up to 450 times less than that of the leading zipper locking bag. The many uses of Zip-Zag brand bags are astounding! Use them as a secondary envelope for previously opened pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other household chemical containers and the odor will be gone as well as the associated health risks. Colognes perfumes and deodorants can all be rendered odorless when sealed in a Zip-Zag brand bag.

Ice in the freezer or food in the refrigerator won't take on unpleasant tastes or give off odors. Using them to keep your food in while camping reduces the likelihood of encounters with bears and other wildlife. Zip-Zag brand bags are manufactured In Canada and are made of high quality North American food grade plastics. Their proprietary method of manufacture and a patented zipper that is second to none, combine to produce a brand new superior product. The uses are as limitless as your imagination Join the growing number of satisfied growers today! We can assure you that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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