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There’s a perfect fit for drying your herbs . For once and for all have your herbs dried perfectly! No more crooked looks when people smell something “weird”. Yup, we gotcha covered - Odor Free, Means you can hang it anywhere.

With the Wedryer you can stop worrying about getting mold or being stressed about hitting that perfect moisturizing levels. We know it can be exhausting to always check. WEDRYER knows how to maintain consistent, persistent and constant airflow throughout the drying process - all alone. We guess you can enjoy something that can make your life a little bit easier but yet Keep the qualities of lab drying systems that will keep you with more essential oils and give the best results within 7 days.


  • Mold prevention.
  • Drying uniformity.
  • Constant airflow.
  • Purification and filtration system that’s effective at
    eliminating odor.
  • Great for growers that want to stay discreet.
  • Compartmentalized design that allows multiple plants to be dried at once.
  • Active airflow system.
  • Minimal time to set up.
  • WeDryer can be hung virtually anywhere around the house. (No floor space needed).
  • Nice, clean and minimal design that can be fit to all.
  • It can be stored neatly in its carrying case.
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