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True green LEDs so you can safely find your way around your grow room without damaging your plants.

Green Hornet LEDs are better than a green CFL or incandescent because Green Hornet LEDs have a true green spectrum.

A CFL or incandescent bulb is coated in green paint, so these style of bulbs are filtering light that is generated as multi-spectrum. Therefore CFL or incandescent bulbs are not “true green” light. It may look green to our eyes, but we perceive lightrather than experience light directly the way plants do.

Specifically, we perceive blends of different colored light as a single color. For example: regular sunlight does not look colored to our bare eyes, but run it through a prism and you can separate the sunlight into its distinct colors to get a rainbow.

A green CFL or incandescent party bulb easily could be giving off other colors spectrums that our eyes can’t see but could be harmful to our plants.

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