February 2021 - More Options from AC Infinity!

We are now stocking the AC Infinity S-Series, a fantastic choice for budget minded grower's or when a simple speed control is all that's required. We are also selling the RAXIAL inline booster fans! Perfect for boosting airflow in your grow space!

Available in store and online! Check them out HERE!

January 2021 - Autopot TRAY & SMARTPOT Systems

We are now stocking the newly released Autopot Tray and Smartpot systems. The Tray Systems are allow you to feed multiple Autopots with a single aquavalve for easy maintenance (available in store only due to size). The Smartpot systems allow Autopot users the air pruning benefits of fabric pots with their self watering Autopot system!

Available in store and online! Check them out HERE!

December 2020 - Now Stocking Hanna GroLine!

Hanna has really stepped up their game in 2020 with a brand new lineup of products for growers who demand accurate & reliable pH and EC/PPM testing. A number of these products contain both pH and EC/PPM sensors in a single unit to save growers time switching between products. Hanna has built its reputation on easy to use, accurate tools for professionals and hobby growers alike.

Now available in store and online! Check them out  HERE!

Hanna GroLine Logo

November 2020 - Now Stocking Grower's Choice LED

Indoor Farmer spent six months searching for a new brand of LED grow lights to complement our existing lineup. Grower's Choice represents the peak of LED grow light technology with a fantastic value for your dollar. Best of all unlike many competitors we ship from our warehouse in Waterloo, ON, so you never pay TAX or DUTY on delivery!

Check out the Grower's Choice LED Lights HERE!

Growers Choice

October 2020 - Now Stocking NugSmasher!

The NugSmasher models offer a simple and highly accurate way for you to enjoy a truly chemical free, clean and affordable option for your concentrate needs. Every NugSmasher is built by hand and undergoes testing with the strictest tolerance and quality control measures available in the industry. All versions are constructed with US made structural steel and aluminum and are fabricated and assembled from start to finish in-house at the NugSmasher® factory in California.

For More Information on Nugsmasher, check them out HERE!


September 2020 - WeDryer XL Herb Dryer In Stock!

The WeDryer XL is perfect for this years outdoor crop. WeDryer are light resistant drying racks with a built in fan and carbon filter. We tested this item and found little smell escaped the unit, and the small fan did not dry out herbs too quickly! Simplify your drying process with this innovative new product today!

Check out the new WeDryer XL HERE!

WeDryer XL Herb Dryer